Countries with the most success in Cricket

Times, players, teams, venues and spirits change. However, all that they’re building with time are Records. This piece of writing takes you backward through the timeline of cricket to understand the Countries with the most success in Cricket history. Though the teams of the nations change the experience gets passed through generation for keeping the team spirit intact. This is the key reason behind nations retaining their rankings on the charts in the face of the altering players. This is a fact that makes a point of ranking the nations in keeping with their performance right through the history.

The ten most successful cricket playing nations

The results prove it! With a winning percentage of 64.73 and 46.71 in ODI and Tests respectively, Australia is certainly the #1 among the Countries with the most success in Cricket. Having won the world cup on 5 occasions, Australia demonstrated its superiority and supremacy in the cricketing pitch. The nation has retained its spot on the leading charts with a great margin. However, this isn’t a recent affair. The nation has provided cricket with some great gem in the form of Sir Donald Bradman. However, there is more. Australia has also produced Steve Shane Warne, Ricky Ponting, Adam Gilchrist, Allan Border, Brett Lee, Glenn McGrath, and numerous more.

According to the latest ICC rankings South Africa is ranked first in tests. West Indies had been the best cricketing nation for a long period from the time the mid 70s to the early 90s in both forms of cricket. England and Pakistan had also been the best cricketing nations earlier. Sri Lanka and New Zealand has also produced some astonishing cricketers and has had tasted success in both forms of cricket. Zimbabwe and Bangladesh complete the list. Recently, Bangladesh has been performing better than Zimbabwe though Zimbabwe has a better overall record.

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