Cricket Game Rules About How to Play

Cricket, which has similar aspects to football, first appeared in England. There are 11 players in each team and players try to send the ball to the field with the sticks on their hands. Cricket, a delightful game, has become popular in a short period of time and has become a popular sport. The first game of cricket, which eventually became a sporting event, took place in 1728 between city teams and the countries of Surrey. After that Cricket game rules are standardized.

White garments specially produced for cricket protect the players. The players in the team are selected by the team captain. Although cricket is a very common sport in the world, each country has its own rules. Standard rules are applied in traditional encounters.

Between the two teams, each team is a total of 22 players, of which 11 players are playing cricket games, and the ball is sent to the opposing team. The length of the cricket rods used is 96 cm and the crowns are covered with leather cloth.

General Cricket Game Rules About How to Play

The main purpose of the cricket game is to overthrow the opposing team’s goal with the ball. The batter starts the game with the player throwing the ball with a hard move. The defensive player in the opposing team tries to get the ball out of the ball by hitting it with a stick in his hand. The main objective in the cricket game is to send the ball to the opponent’s team with the stick in his hand. This is why players must constantly change places to play fast moves.

The match starts with a metal coin shot. There are 3 sticks provided at each end of the playing field. The player who strikes in front of the calendars waits with his stick on his hands. The person who throws the ball tries to throw the ball to the pit behind the shooter. After we shoot the pitcher, he jumps on the condition that he does not pass the distance of 20 meters, defend his striker. If the strike is successful, the hitters in both teams run the qualifications. While the shooters are running, other players try to catch the ball before it gets out of the border.

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