Cricketers who had the Longest Careers

In the event of a general discussion ensuing on the longest Cricketers who had the longest careers on international field numerous people are going to name Shane Warne. However, the fact is that though the maestro played the greatest number of in a career, his career isn’t the lengthiest. The lengthiest Cricketing career had been of Wilfred Rhodes of England and it spanned 30 years and 315 days.

Don Bradman has also been considered as one of the best Australian cricketers and was voted the greatest cricketer of the 20th century – with an unrivalled test batting average of 99.94Steve Smith from Australia has also been considered as the second best in Australian cricket Below are the names of the 10 players with the lengthiest Cricketing Careers.

The 10 cricketers with the lengthiest careers

Wilfred Rhodes of England with a career that spanned 30 years and 315 days tops the list of Cricketers who had the longest careers. He was Yorkshire cricket incarnate in the grand phase of the county’s ascendancy, dour, shrewd, but swift to grab a chance. For Yorkshire he had scored over 30,000 runs and had an average of 30 /innings. He also took 3,597 wickets with an average of 16 runs for each wicket for Yorkshire. While not playing for Yorkshire, he represented England.

He represented the country in 58 games and scored 2,000 runs and averaged 30. He also took 127 wickets for his country. He was an outstanding player and amongst the greatest that cricket has produced.  The reason wasn’t just his all-round performances. He has made a name amongst the greats of this game as his cricket was malodorous and messenger of Yorkshire County. The others who are in this list after him are Dennis Brian Close, Frank Woolley, George Headley, Steve Smith, John Traicos, Sir Jacob Hobbs, George Gunn, Sydney Gregory, and Freddie Brown.

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