Historical development of Cricket

The starting point of cricket has remained a disputed subject through centuries. Whether it commenced in the Dark eras or commenced with shepherds in the Punjabi region during the 8th century, every bit of research, in keeping with Cricket Info reveals that the game had derived from an extremely old, common and simple pastime that entailed the hitting of an object using some kind of club. A key name in the Historical development of Cricket is “Marylebone Cricket Club.”

Presently, it’s based at the Lord’s Cricket arena in London. It had been the foremost authorized association to write put down the regulations of Cricket in writing and apply them to all games that were played. MCC helped in organizing games, competitive leagues and every change in the regulations. It played a key part in promoting the game all over the world.  Presently, the running of the worldwide game is being done by “International Cricket Council,” even though MCC does the promotion of the game to the young population.

The Introduction of New nations

England and Australia happened to be the first nations to take part in an authorized test series in the year of 1877. ICC’s founding members in the year of 1909 were Australia, England, and South Africa. The three nations took part in a futile and unpopular triangular event in 1912. A key point in the Historical development of Cricket came in 1926 during a conference of ICC. In this meeting they widened the game to other nations of the British Empire.

Thus, New Zealand, and the West Indies were endowed the test playing status.  Pakistan was the subsequent authorized test playing nation in the year of 1952. Pakistan played its foremost test match in the month of October of that year. Presently, there are 10 complete members of ICC who have been given the go-ahead for playing test matches amongst themselves.

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