Unlike the other games, it looks like football which is modern football game, cricket has an ancient origin. Among the features separated by Football, there are differences such as trying to send the ball to the area with the sticks in the hands of team players of eleven people. It increases reputation over the time as in 2014 it has 100.000 viewers, in 2015 it increases its audiences 325 million. Indeed, in the world cup, more than billion people watched final match between Pakistan vs India.


2015 championship with the most crowded audience was between Pakistan and India hosted in England, The Oval. More than billion people watched on television and the stadium. Two leading countries of the cricket sport in the 2015 World Cup, India beat Pakistan by 76 counts.


The majority of 1 billion watchers are Indians. Almost 201 million of the spectator from Indıa for the whole two weeks. They try to show their supposed to their team by watching them. Then its work and they were the champions of the 2015 World cup.

Highest Crowd attendance in Australia

Cricket is one of the most popular games in Australia. They had their own league it named as Big Bash League. From the start of the league to the end all stadiums in Australia are always full of spectators. But largest attendance happened in the 2016-2017 season. So much ticket sold whole season, the number of the sold ticket reached exactly 1,863,846. It was the record of the all times. Last record number was 1,727,270.


As the modern football game, cricket has so many spectators, especially among the east country. It is separating whole worldwide day by day one day it will reach 1 billion of spectator if it getting increase its number.

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