Most Viewed Cricket Match and History of Cricket Game

History of Cricket Match

For the first time according to sources, the Cricket Game is a game that appeared in England in the 16th century. Playing in Britain and Scotland only until the 18th century, Cricket began to be played in civilizations there, after Great Britain colonized India, Australia and South Africa. So much so that today there are official cricket leagues in India and Australia. A cricket match game played between two teams of 11 persons in a rectangular zone of 20 meters in length through a ball and a stick, the knocker hitting the throwing ball; It is played with a logic based on the destruction of the castle, which is half a meter high behind it.

The player, who has a stick in his hand to prevent this demolition, called Wicket, tries to get the ball out of the castle quickly. Cricket match (Cricket), which became one of the national games of Britain and its colonies in 1890, was owned by the International Cricket Council established on the same date and the leagues operate within the rules set by the committee.

In fact, at the end of the 1800s, British citizens who had migrated to America had brought the game to the US and went there to continue playing with different variations (Baseball). Continue the read about most viewed cricket match.

Most Viewed Cricket Match in History

The game is the largest cricket league in the world, including India, Pakistan, Nepal, and the Indian Cricket League is the most watched in the world’s Cricket leagues. Cricket in the 6th place in the world sports rankings has an average watching rate of 32,800 per game. The political strife between India and Pakistan is also experiencing too much in Cricket sports. Therefore, the most spectacular cricket match occurred in 2013 between India and Pakistan. Watched 120,000 people watching the match at India’s Himachal Pradesh cricket stadium, 26 million Indian and Pakistani live from television channels.

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