The Most Awarded Cricket Tournament

General Information about Cricket Awards

The Cricket game, in which the most spectators are in India and Pakistan, although it is of England origin, is represented by professional leagues in these countries. While a total of 8 teams competed in the Professional Cricket League in India, 14 teams in the Pakistan Cricket League frequently talk about the name of the world in cricket history. Mumbai Indians, the first team to come to mind when it comes to cricket around the world, is heading for millions of dollars for cricket sports.

Until 2013, India’s National Cricket Team player Sachin Tebdulkar’s 24-year career has earned only $ 9 million, and it is noteworthy that the names of those who have achieved less success in non-Indian European countries, but who still receive higher prizes. Famous names such as C. W. Alcock, Tom Allin, Alan Hodgson, and Eric Houghton among the cricket athletes in England, Australia and South Africa have also been the most awarded cricket players. Ben Strokes, who plays in England’s Bristol, has a record of 4 million dollars in a single match in world cricket history.

Most Awarded Cricket Tournament

The Most Awarded Cricket Tournament is designated as the World Cricket Championship. The World Cricket Tournament, held every 4 years, was recently organized and distributed in New Zealand in 2016, with a total award of 20 million dollars. This money prize of $ 10 million went to the Indian national team, while the remaining prize was shared by the South African and Australian national teams. In the statement made by the World Cricket Federation, the estimated cash prize of the World Cricket Championship to be held in South Africa in 2020 will be around $ 40 million. Every year, the amount of the prize continues to increase exponentially and the cricket game continues to be accepted all over the world.

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